May Meeting Recap

By: Lesley Shannon

              The May meeting was a reality check for all us. We spent the entire meeting being honest with ourselves about what we really want out of our careers.

  • Should - the most destructive word because it is saturated with implied shame of something you are lacking.

  • When you go through the really hard times in life it helps to clear the debris. Perform consistent life checks!

  • Statistically we change jobs 5 times in our life.

  • Why did you really get into this industry? Remind yourself of the reason for continuing on.

  • Find what you love and then do it. Identifying where your true passion lies is key

  • Change is temporary and jobs can and will change.

  • Sometimes you have to decide what you don’t want to do to see if you really want to do it.

  • What is it that I want to do instead of what I should do.

  • It is ok to change paths after spending a long time in one discipline. You must connect to what you really want.

  • Side hustle- There is no perfect side job! It is whatever works best for you and your needs. Your side job will change as you go through your career, don’t be afraid to change with it. It is about the journey. Power in the freedom of letting yourself do what you want. Money gives that freedom, and it is why we tend to obsess about it. Think about it more as learning a skill to monetize or subsidize your life.

  • Don’t be afraid to learn new skills- you tube is your friend. Especially since now is a time of transition where many titles are beginning to converge and combine

  • Once you get to a certain level, give yourself time to see what it actually looks like. Ride the changes of how things move along the way. Allow yourself to be the center of your own story.

  • Actualization of dreams- manifesting

  • Success is a circle not a ladder. Let’s go around the circle and celebrate where we started and where we are.


Recommended reading to help you through the rough creative times:

Big Magic- Elizabeth Gilbert

The War of Art- Steven Pressfield