By: Divi Crockett 

April 19th, was the 2nd meet up for FilmmakeHers LA and what a very sweet welcome I must say. I am originally a NY member but recently relocated to LA. I decided to host this one because there is no better way to get your feet wet in a city then to just dive right in. We were a small group of 5 consisting of Ngaire Dawn (actress), Sandra Leviton (Creative Producer), Jean Grant (Actress/Writer) and Dionna McMillian (writer, director, editor)  and I Divi Crockett (producer) all very lovely gals. Dionna McMillan just happened to be visiting from NY and she stopped in, which made me realize what a wonderful Network FilmmakeHers is especially now that there is both NY and LA, so when people are traveling they can check in and see if there is a meeting coming up and connect with new members of each city. 

Due to me being only 3 weeks new into LA, I decided my topic would be about moving to a new place and  the project that brought me here. I really appreciated how much input and interest the LA ladies gave me as well as how open each of them were to share a bit of their stories as well.

Thanks to FilmmakeHers to having such good timing for me and I hope that I can help facilitate more of a network in LA in the future.